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Daily Devices:

HP ProBook 6475b Laptop. AMD A6 4400M processor, 256GB Crucial M4 SSD, 16GB Ram.

HP TouchPad AndroidWebOS Tablet. CyanogenMod 10.1, 16GB modelĀ (with wireless charging accessories.)

Nokia Lumia 810 on T-Mobile. 8GB Internal storage, 32GB SD card, Wireless charging back.

Custom-built Desktop. AMD Phenom II X6 1090T, 16GB Ram, 8TB combined HDD space, ATI HD 4770, 2x ATI HD 4350.


Nokia Lumia 521 on T-Mobile. 8GB Internal storage (no sd currently. no wireless charging)

HTC Trophy. 16GB Internal Storage. Huge aftermarket Anker battery for HTC TouchPro 2.


2x Xbox 360 HDMI model, white “phat” console. DVD Drive modded to support backup games, allowing me to preserve games and keep roommates from borrowing them.

Raspberry Pi model “B”, 1st Gen. Currently running as a PlexBMC box on top of my projector.

Roku 2 XD.

Roku 2 XS.

A few other random things.


I’ll also be posting some pictures of my Palm devices and I dig them out.

One thought on “Devices”

  1. were you the pizzaboy192 on Amazon that might want to hack his 14-1 weatherstation?
    Trying to figure out to get ‘local’ access to the data.

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