V6 ROM Changelog

Beta 11d:
Added: option to enable LG’s V7 Homescreen (kinda broken, but works mostly)
Removed lots of Verizon and Microsoft crapware. Market is removed, nearly all VZW crap is gone.
Added the 6.5.5 Tmail.exe and Poutlook.exe files and dependancies to get threaded everything in email and messaging.
to be added in next set: Replacing Nuance Voice with Microsoft Voice Command.

Beta 6a:
Large gap in development for the ROM, most things were internal testing problems.
Themes have been fixed, along with other errors
Standard LG Fathom V7 ROM without:
Verizon Shutdown and Startup Sounds

Added in this build:
ArcsoftMMS Client configured to Verizon
Set VZAccess manager as default USB connection (To allow a reflash if something has gone wrong)
Upgraded the SYS to 23569.
Added updated Pocket Outlook, allowing for threaded emails.

Everything else has been left out, no additional applications have been included unlike Beta2.

Beta2: Works well. Currently flashed to phone. No issues to report yet. New base (V7 OEM ROM instead of V5 OEM)

Standard LG Fathom V7 ROM MINUS:
Microsoft MyPhone (Defunct, removed)
Windows Live
Arcsoft PowerMobia
LG Volume (This means you can silence incoming calls)
Verizon Shutdown and Startup sounds. Just images now.

ArcsoftMMS Client. This allows you to get MMS messages.
Set VZ Access manager as default connection upon first boot
(This allows you to do a reflash right away if something goes wrong for whatever reason, and you’ll preserve your phone settings.)
Upgraded the Pocket Outlook to the 6.5.5 build that has threaded messaging. Not sure on the exact build number since I have had the files laying around for over a year and just needed to dump them into the EXT.
PHM Registry Editor
PIM Backup
Total Commander 2.5 B3
Opera Mobile 10
Google Maps
And the Ervius Kitchen Tweaks for WM6.5 pack

Manilla ROM has Manilla Core V2.5.20212114.0 and all the trimmings added

Beta1: Built, broke phone, scrapped before recording all changes.

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