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If you need to contact me about anything, please try the following:

  • Twitter: @pizzaboy192
  • Email: PIzzaboy192 <at> (or
  • Comment on this blog
  • Search “Pizzaboy192” on the internet and contact me on one of the forums that come up.

Let me know.

3 Comments on “Contact Me

  1. I have installed your patch for Office 2010, and all is well;Thank you. I can sync my Palm TX with Outlook. I do get a minor error that is more a bother than a real problem. When the sync starts, I receive an error box that informs me that the “Profile” ‘Home’ is not valid. The profile ‘Home’ is the only profile installed. The error box allows me to select ‘Home’ as the default profile and the sync proceeds without error. I have to do this with each sync. And ideas how to correct this issue. THX

  2. Bonjour, Hello,

    Thanks for you work.
    My Palm TX and Outlook 2013 are friends like ever.

    Bien à vous,

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