Website update 2015-2-18


It’s been TWO YEARS since I did an update. A lot has happened.
First, HP broke something on their website. You can’t download any Palm based stuff anymore, so I’m working on collecting everything from alternate sources. Currently I have found the PalmDesktopWin62.exe that I suggest using, and will be adding a link to it to my website. I’ll also be looking into finding any and all Palm downloads I can and mirroring them here.

Other things. WordPress stopped emailing me about comments. Sorry if I haven’t seen yours. you can email me at pizzaboy192 (at) hotmail (dot) com and I’ll get it.

Sorry I am so slow to get back to people. Got married, moved, and job is crazy.

And finally, Starting to do research into getting 64bit compatibility. I think I figured it out.




I do have ads. Please don’t be upset about them. They don’t really earn me any money, but they are there as an experiment if nothing else.

Pages will be re-organized as I work on them and make them make more sense.


Page of links kept for posterity

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