Website update 2019-06-19

It’s been nearly four years since my last update.

Since the one below, I’ve moved hosts from GoDaddy to NameCheap, among other changes. Part of the transition meant I went from unlimited storage to 20GB of space. As such, I’ve started cleaning up old downloads and moving them to cloud providers I use. All LG Fathom ROMs and LG Fathom Android files are moved to both Mega and Onedrive and a link to the locations for each set is on the pages. Once I’ve validated that everything is backed up, the copies on my host will be deleted.

I am working on expanding my site with additional features based off subdomains. This is done when I have free time, so it isn’t actively developed.

If you are looking for assistance, please email me. I rarely log in to check the comment queue and I don’t get emails about comment moderation. My email address is in the Contact Me page. Easy to find.

I still haven’t been able to make much progress with x64 builds of Office, and it looks like Office 365 versions may not be compatible either. At this point, if you must use a Palm Pilot device, stick with Office 2007-2016 and use the x86 (32bit) version.

Also, my toddler says hi.

Website update 2015-2-18


It’s been TWO YEARS since I did an update. A lot has happened.
First, HP broke something on their website. You can’t download any Palm based stuff anymore, so I’m working on collecting everything from alternate sources. Currently I have found the PalmDesktopWin62.exe that I suggest using, and will be adding a link to it to my website. I’ll also be looking into finding any and all Palm downloads I can and mirroring them here.

Other things. WordPress stopped emailing me about comments. Sorry if I haven’t seen yours. you can email me at pizzaboy192 (at) hotmail (dot) com and I’ll get it.

Sorry I am so slow to get back to people. Got married, moved, and job is crazy.

And finally, Starting to do research into getting 64bit compatibility. I think I figured it out.


I do have ads. Please don’t be upset about them. They don’t really earn me any money, but they are there as an experiment if nothing else.

Pages will be re-organized as I work on them and make them make more sense.

Page of links kept for posterity

4 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Ever since I upgraded to Office 2016, I can no longer sync with Outlook. Is there a fix for that in the works?



    1. Hi,
      I have a beta patch available that is not an automatic installer. Let me know if you are interested in testing it. I don’t have the latest Office, but I have gotten feedback that the beta patch does work.

      1. pizzaboy,

        I have to migrate to Outlook 2016. Would you please send me your patch for 2016?

        Thanks very much.

        Steve S.

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